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Donnerstag, 09.  bis  Samstag, 11. Mai 2019 + in 76 Tagen + in Brighton +Tickets

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frühere Ausgaben

14. bis 16. Mai 2015

Auftrittstag nicht bekannt

 18+  1987  36?  A.O.S.O.O.N  Acid Arab  Acollective  Adam French  Admiral Fallow  Ady Suleiman  AK/DK  Akcadamy  Al Bairre Alabama ShakesAlabama Shakes [us]Blues-Rock  Aldous Harding  Allusondrugs  Andrea Balency  Andreas Moe  Andy Shauf  Apes  April Towers  Aquilo  Arborist  Arkells  Astronomyy  Asylums  Awesome Tapes From Africa  Baby Queens  Bad Weed  Bad//Dreams  Baxter Dury  Beach Baby  Bella Figura  Bill Ryder Jones  Birth Of Joy  Blaenavon  Blaue Blume  Blossoms [uk]Indie-Pop  Bonkaz  Boothroyd  Brika  Bristol  Bulbul  Bully  C. Duncan  C.A.R.  Cairo  Cairobi  Cape Cub  Cash + David  Casi  CC Smugglers  Charles Howl  Charlie Straw  Chelou  Chili And The Whalekillers  Choir Of Young Believers  Ciaran Lavery  Clarence Clarity  Close Talker  Cold Fronts  Common Tongues  Cosmo Sheldrake  Creeper  Creepoid  Cristobal And The Sea  Cuckoolander  Daisy Victoria  Dan Bodan  Dan Owen  Dark Moon  Dark Waves  Daudi Matsiko  Delta Rae  Demob Happy  DJ Nature  DMA's  Dope D.O.D  Dralms  Duke Garwood  Ekkah  Elder Island  Elias  Empress Of  English Heretic Ewert And The Two DragonsEwert And The Two Dragons [ee]Indie-Folk  Fantasma  Fekky  Feverist  Fickle Friends  Fismoll  Fist City  Flight Brigade  Flo Morrissey  Float Fall  Flyying Colours  Forever Pavot  Formation  Francisco The Man  Fraser A Gorman  Freddie Dickson & The Guard  Freeweights  From Indian Lakes  Furs  Gabi  Gabrielle Papillon  Garbanotas Bosistas  George Maple  Georgia  Get Inuit  Ghost Culture  Gramotones  Groenland  H.E.A.T.  H.Hawkline  Habitats  Hannah Lou Clark  Happyness  Hector Bizerk  Hein Cooper  Highs  Ho99o9  Hollie McNish  Hollysiz  Holy Holy  Hooton Tennis Club  Human Hair  Hyena  Indigo Face  Intergalactic Lovers  Ivy & Gold  Jack + Eliza  Jack Robert Hardman  Jagaara  Jamie Lawson  Jane Weaver  Jeanne Added  Jeremy Loops  Jeremy?  Jerry Williams  Jesse Sheehan  JME  Joe Dolman  Jordan Klassen  Joyce Manor  JP Cooper  Jpnsgrls  Julia Marcell  Junius Meyvant  K. Flay  K.I.D KadebostanyKadebostany [ch]Elektro-Pop  Kagoule  Kanzi  Kate Boy Kate TempestKate Tempest [uk]Rap, Spoken Word  Kelvin Jones  Kevin Devine  Kiko Bun  Klara Ketelaars  Klaus Johann Grobe  Klo  Knights  Kuenta I Tambu  La Priest  Lake Komo  Lake Malawi  Landshapes  Lawson  Lazytalk  Le Galaxie  Leaf Rapids  Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires  Les Big Byrd  Liberto Wolf  Life  Lily Rendle-Moore  Lion Babe  Little May  Lloyd Yates  Lonely The Brave  Loris  Louis Baker  Louis Berry  Louis Mttrs  Low Roar  Lubomyr Melnyk  M.O  Meat Wave  Menace Beach  Miamigo  Mick Jenkins  Mile Me Deaf  Model Aeroplanes  Monica Heldal  Moumoon  Mountain Bike  Mr Peter Hayden  Mt Wolf  Mugwump  My Baby  Nah  Nao  Neon Saturdays  Neon Waltz  New City Kings  Ngod  Nick Brewer  Nimmo  No Joy  Noah Kin Nothing But ThievesNothing But Thieves [uk]Alternative Rock  Oceaan  Ocean Wisdom  Of Empires  Okmalumkoolkat  Olah Bliss  Oliver Daldry  Olivier Heim  Optical  Oracles  Osca  Oscar Oscar & The WolfOscar & The Wolf [be]Indie-Pop  P.H. Fat  Palace  Passepied  Pierce Brothers  Pinkshinyultrablast  Pins  Plastic Mermaids  Playground Zer0  Pollyanna  Popstrangers  Port Isla  Pretty Vicious  Prom  Prose  Puts Marie  Raye  Rebecca Clements  Redder  Remi  Rhodes [uk]Singer-Songwriter  Ria Mae  Rival Consoles  Rob Finlay  Robyn Sherwell  Rolls Bayce  Rory Indiana  Rukhsana Merrise  Sabella  Saint Motel  Sasha Siem  Saskwatch  Say Yes Dog  Saycet  Scarlet Rascal  Seafret  SG Lewis  Shannon Saunders  Shelter Point  Shopping  Silences  Single Mothers  Skepta  Slug  Soley  Sonar Soul  Sons Of Bill  Spring King  Stal  Steve N Seagulls  Sudakistan  Sun Club  Sundara Karma  Sunflower Bean  Sway Clarke II  Sykes  Tama Sumo  Tears & Marble  Tenterhook  Thabo & The Real Deal  The Academic  The Accidentals  The Beach  The Big Bluff  The Bohicas  The Flavr Blue  The Garden  The Hearts  The Indien  The Jacques  The Lytics  The Magic Gang  The Merrylees  The Mispers  The Moon  The One Hundred  The Picturebooks  The Posies  The Posterz  The Riptide Movement  The St Pierre Snake Invasion  The Strypes  The Vryll Society  The Well  The Young Benjamins  This Be The Verse  Thomston  Thor Rixon  Todd Dorigo  Tops  Tor Miller  Tora  Triana Park  Turbowolf  Turtle  Tusks  Twerps  Twin Wild  USA Nails  Vaults  Verite  Versus You  Vilde Tuv  Vodun  Vogue Dots  Vukovi VökVök [is]Dream-Pop  Walking On Cars  Wand  Ward Thomas  Warm Graves  We Are Shining  Whilk And Misky  White  Wyles & Simpson  Yak  Yorke  Yosi Horikawa  Young Kato  Young Romance  Yung  Zak Abel  Zibra
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