Stromae in Basel

Mittwoch, 26. April 2023

St. Jakobshalle

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Stromae Photo: Michael Ferire [via KKT Berlin]
Das Konzert findet nicht statt!
Auguri Productions and Mosaert Label regret to announce the cancellation of the forthcoming Stromae shows until the end of May 2023:

13-14-15/04 - Amsterdam - Ziggo Dome
20-21/04 - Toulouse - Zénith
26/04 - Basel - St. Jakobshalle
27-28/04 - Geneva - Arena
04/05 - London - Wembley 02 Arena
10/05 - Cologne - Lanxess Arena
12/05 - Berlin - Max Schmeling Halle
16/05 - Rome - Palazzo Dello Sport
24-25-26/05 - Lyon - Halle Tony Garnier

Ticket buyers can seek immediate refund at the point of purchase.

Auguri Productions and Mosaert Label wish Stromae a prompt recovery and apologise to fans and venue operators and promoters.

Stromae wanted to share a few words:

"I have come to the realization that my current health state does not allow me to come and meet all of you at the moment. I regretfully share this news with you which fills me with sadness but I have to admit my limits.

Surrounded by my family I have to take the time to get better in order to resume performing.

I hope to give you more positive news very soon. I am looking forward to seeing all of you and to resume this tour alongside my teams who have been supporting me all throughout these years.

Look after yourselves."


Stehplatz: CHF 80.40
Sitzplatz: CHF 90.50-110.50 ausverkauft



Türöffnung: 18:00
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