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Sonntag, 14. August 2011, 15:22 Uhr. elb. Infolge einer Erkrankung seiner Stimmbänder muss sich Sänger Pierre Bouvier von der kanadischen Band Simple Plan zwei Wochen schonen. Die Konzerte am Open Air Gampel und am Frequency vom kommenden Wochenende fallen aus Können nicht am Open Air Gampel und am Frequency spielen: Simple Plan Photo: Können nicht am Open Air Gampel und am Frequency spielen: Simple Plan
Bereits vor rund einer Woche mussten Simple Plan ihre beiden Shows in Shanghai und Peking absagen, nachdem Sänger Pierre Bouvier nach einem Auftritt in Südkorea über Probleme mit seiner Stimme geklagt hatte. Nach einer neuerlichen Untersuchung in einem Pekinger Spital wurde dem Sänger nun aber dringendst geraten, in den kommenden zwei Wochen seine Stimme nicht übermässig zu belasten, um keine Folgeschäden davon zu tragen.

Dieser zweiwöchigen Dispens bis zum 25. August 2011 fallen nun u.a. die Engagements am kommenden Wochenende am Open Air Gampel und am Frequency zum Opfer. Es sind dies nicht die ersten Absagen für die beiden Festivals in diesem Jahr. Zuvor hatten bereits Tricky am Walliser Festival bzw. Good Charlotte für das Festival in St. Pölten ihre Shows annulliert.

Das Open Air Gampel hat in der Zwischenzeit bereits bestätigt, dass Simple Plan nicht im Wallis zu Gast sein werden. Man sei schon dabei, einen guten Ersatz zu suchen. Offiziell informiert über die Absage werde schliesslich morgen Montag.

Die Erklärung der Band im originalen Wortlaut:
I am extremely sad to announce that we have to cancel our performance at Summersonic festival as well as the next 2 weeks of upcoming shows due to a severe health issue with my voice. First off, I sincerely apologize and hope you can forgive us. Canceling shows is something we truly hate to do and that we don't take lightly. You (our fans) mean the world to us and the last thing we want to do is let you down.

In order to help you understand exactly what's going on, here is my story:

We played our show in South Korea on august 7th at the Pentaport Festival and the crowd was amazing. Unfortunately during the concert I felt that something was wrong with my voice. I was able to sing but barely. I knew I was damaging my vocal cords because it was unusually difficult for me to hit the notes and to control my pitch. I was struggling to sing parts that were normally really easy and by the end of the show, I knew it was bad.

The first doctor I saw in Korea didn't speak much English but he did what is called a fiber optic laryngoscopic exam, assessed the damage and told me as best he could that my vocal cords were swollen and not doing so well (probably due to the very intense schedule of shows we had in June and July). He prescribed me some meds and told me to see another doctor in a few days. The whole band agreed that it was best to cancel the 2 shows in Beijing and Shanghai and rest my voice in hopes to get better quickly.

After 5 days of no speaking or making any sound whatsoever, I went to another doctor in Beijing. The hospital was amazing and the doctor was great. She did another fiber optic laryngoscopic exam and compared it to the previous one done in Korea. The good news was that it already looked better and that with the proper vocal rest I would be good as new and back to normal in about 2 weeks. The bad news was that we have shows already booked for the next 2 weeks, not to mention the next year!!! The doctor also said that if I don't stop singing and go on vocal rest, I risk the chance of permanently damaging my vocal cords which would require surgery to repair.

So once again we are left with the very difficult decision of canceling shows for the greater good of the band.

We decided to take the Doctor's advice to go home and be on complete vocal rest for 2 weeks with medicinal treatments to accelerate the healing. It really sucks to have to cancel these shows and trust me, I'd much rather be out there having fun and playing concerts than remaining completely quiet for 2 weeks.

So that's the story. No need to worry, I will be fine and will completely recover without the need of any intervention other than vocal rest. I apologize to all the fans out there who were counting on us and who were excited to meet us. We will make it up to you I promise. Thanks for your understanding and compassion. We're looking forward to hitting the road again very soon and kickin' some ass all around the world for the next year and more!

Canceled dates include:

August 13th - Summersonic - Tokyo, Japan
August 14th - Summersonice - Osaka, Japan
August 16th - Hong Kong, China
August 19th - Frequency Festival - St. Polten, Austria
August 20th - Open Air Festival - Gampel, Switzerland
August 21st - Bilbao Festival - Bilbao, Spain
August 23rd - Nimes Festival - Nimes France
August 25th - SZIN Festival - Szeged, Hungary
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